Scottish Bluebells Cathedral Candle

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Scottish Bluebells
Beau by Rachel Brown
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These soy-blend wax candles come in tall, cathedral-style glass vessels that charm with their simplicity and nod to reverence. Each 13-ounce candle features a farm animal portrait by artist Rachel Brown paired with a unique and fitting fragrance.

  • Net wt. 13 oz/369 gm
  • 2.365"dia x 8"h
  • Up to 115 hours of burn time
  • Embellished with foil
  • Full-color artwork
  • Dust cover

Fragrance: The heady scent of blooming lily blossoms, sweet jasmine, and wispy heather are softened with ambered musk, sea mist, and a touch of green moss. Essential oils of bergamot and tagette.