I Heart Jesus Car Air Freshener

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I Heart Jesus
Fragrance: Pomegranate Mojito
Item #AF027
UPC 846307066376
Order in multiples of 6 per SKU 

Give your car some added personality with our new line of Twisted Wares car air fresheners. These snarky, fragrance-infused designs are made with special DeoBoost® technology to help eliminate malodors (and road rage!) for longer-lasting freshness.

  • Two car air fresheners per SKU
  • Package: 4"w x 6.75"h
  • Unique fragrances designed exclusively for Studio Oh! are made in the U.S.A.
  • Outer package includes scent-test sticker so you can smell the fragrance before purchasing
  • Peggable packaging

Fragrance: Tangy grapefruit and sweet blackberry are beautifully balanced with notes of tart pomegranate, fresh mint, amber musk, and red currants.

Download the Manufacturer Safety Data Sheet and IFRA Conformity Certificate for this product here.