Be Kind to Yourself Self-Care Guided Journal

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Be Kind to Yourself 
Self-Care Journal
Written by Elizabeth T. Gilbert
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ISBN 978-1-64513-358-2
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Wellness is a worthwhile pursuit that can help you be your best self, but it requires an investment in both time and self-awareness. To help you focus on your personal wellness, de-stress, and prioritize joy, Studio Oh! has created Be Kind to Yourself. In this 144-page self-care journal, you’ll find simple tools to help you forge your own unique path toward health and happiness. It is divided into five tabbed chapters so you can easily flip to the topic you need, and it provides plenty of space for you to record your experiences and achievements.

  • Hardcover, 144 pages
  • Five tab dividers
  • 6.1"w x 8.7"h
  • Designed to help you incorporate wellness goals and mindfulness into your life
  • Includes series of wellness trackers and activity logs
  • Encourages self-reflection, positive thinking, and goal setting through prompts
  • Features twin-ring wire-o binding to open flat